Single-Hung Vs Double-Hung Windows

Different Types Of WindowsSingle-Hung Vs Double-Hung Windows

Both single-hung and double-hung windows feature vertically sliding glass panes, or sashes. They may appear similar, but there are a few essential differences that you need to know before choosing which window style from our glass company that is right for your home.


If you’re tired of rooms feeling stuffy and a bit stale, double-hung windows might be the answer. These windows offer more ventilation than single-hung options because they open from both the top and bottom. The top sash opens and allows air to circulate, while the bottom sash remains closed to trap the heat that rises inside. This creates a more even flow of warm and cool air, which can make a room feel more comfortable. However, the top sash of a double-hung window can sometimes leave a gap when closed, which could result in loss of heating or cooling. This can be problematic for homes with young children, who might not be able to adequately close the upper sash.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing the right wholesale windows is an important decision for any homeowner. It affects the style, aesthetic and safety of the home as well as energy efficiency. Double-hung windows with the top sash open are more energy efficient than single-hung windows because they have fewer gaps for air leaks to occur. This reduces the amount of energy that is lost through these windows and helps your HVAC systems to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.


The top sash of a single-hung window isn’t tilted inward, so you can’t easily clean the glass from the inside of your home. If you have an older single-hung window without this feature, you’ll need to reach up through the window from the outside to clean the bottom sash. That being said, maintenance is typically easier for double-hung windows, as their sashes do tilt inward so you can spray both the interior and exterior of both sashes with a window cleaner from inside your home.


Single-hung windows are the oldest and most common type of window in homes. They are commonly found in Craftsman, Colonial and Cape Cod homes because they offer customization options that fit a variety of architectural styles. Single-hung windows have one moveable sash that can be opened and closed. They are generally cheaper than double-hung windows and are easier to install because they can be done as a DIY project. These windows are safe when they are used properly and maintained. However, they can also be dangerous if an intruder is able to break them. If you are concerned about your window security, consider installing a locking pin through the lower sash into the upper sash to keep an intruder from opening it. You can also lock your window sashes with a lag screw that goes through the bottom sash and into the top sash. You can even use a keyed sash lock to secure your windows. Contact us today to learn more!