July 8, 2022 Mat H.

Mat H. | 2022-06-25 17:15:12

"I replaced all 14 windows at my home at a very reasonable price. I liked the fact that I could apply for home improvement credit line on their website and received approval within 24 hours. Sales Rep. was very professional and thorough. Their contractors did a good job and were respectful and trustworthy which is so important now a days. I am very happy with my windows and would highly recommend."
December 28, 2021 Kim Miller

Kim Miller | 2021-12-19 22:14:25

"We ordered a ceilng to floor piece of rain glass for our shower. Great service, great job & love it! We have also bought windows for our home & have been very happy with the service, installation and quality. "
December 7, 2021 Marie Valdez

2022-01-19 | 20:36:55

"The Glass Shop was wonderful. Best experience I ever had. Very professional and beautiful work. If I finally found a company I could trust."
October 8, 2021 Zavior Alvarez

2022-01-19 | 20:36:54

"Quick, efficient, and professional! Always reliable and never disappointed with the job done!"
October 4, 2021 Eric Smith

"I just had all of the windows at my house replaced by The Glass Shop, about 14 windows and 1 sliding door. It was a 2 day job, it was well organized and not a hassle. In fact, the clean look of the window frame, and ease of use of the actual windows and door is above what I expected. Highly recommended. A one stop shop for new windows and doors."
October 4, 2021 Archie Manning

"Great guys! Come right out and fixed our windshield"