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Ways to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

Winter temperatures can easily cause high energy bills and an uncomfortably cold home. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by properly winterizing your windows. Properly winterizing your windows will help keep warm air in and cool air out, meaning your heater won’t have to work as hard. Wondering what to […]

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Is Wood Window Frame Damage Repairable?

Windows are a critical component of your home’s structure. They allow for airflow and natural light and also are a key part of creating the aesthetics of your home. They are also susceptible to damage and deterioration just like many of the other structural components of your home. Water damage, in particular, could cause some […]

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Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

You have two options when your windows sustain damage: You can have them repaired, or you can have them swapped out for new windows. We specialize in window replacement at The Glass Shop, so we always think replacement is the better option out of the two—but that’s not always the case. This post will cover […]

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