Why Are Black Window Frames All the Rage?

Have you ever noticed that black window frames are trending when it comes to architectural design? Black window frames are more than just a fleeting trend—they’re here to stay. Read on to find out more about why black window frames are all the rage and will continue to be in the future.

Boosting curb appeal

Good curb appeal shows you take pride in your home. If your home’s curb appeal could use an update, it’s best to think big rather than small. Investing in black window frames for your home is a way to instantly set your property apart from the rest of the block. Rather than invest in landscaping or hardscape features, which can only go so far in giving your home an updated look, a bold change like making the switch to black window frames is a quick way to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Creating contrast

Contrast adds visual interest to any interior or exterior space, and black window frames can serve as strong accent points. They look great when paired with just about any tone or shade, but they’re particularly effective with white or light-colored walls.

By turning your windows into more of a focal point, black window frames draw your eye to the view outside. Black’s negative properties create an interesting optical illusion, making the interior sash and grid disappear so you can focus on the view of the outdoors. In the same way a black frame draws your eye to the art within it, black windows do the same for your view.

Eliminating window treatments

Black window frames are meant to be a style statement in and of themselves—they’re designed to be seen. That means there’s no need to cover them up with heavy window dressings like curtains or shades. They generate an artful view no matter the time of day.

Offering versatility in design

Some windows only look good in certain environments. For example, windows with unpainted oak or knotty pine frames would work well in a cabin or rustic setting, but not so well in an ultra-modern or contemporary space. Black window frames are sleek and low-profile, which means they lend themselves to a variety of styles and spaces. Whether you’re going for a mid-century modern, farmhouse or traditional look, you can’t go wrong with black window frames.

Adding a custom touch

Black window frames can be custom-made to fit your unique specifications. Whether you need a standard-sized window or one that features unique sizes and shapes, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating windows that match the style and requirements of your home. From extra tall to extra small, square to round, you can create one-of-a-kind windows that showcase your distinctive tastes.

Black window frames are trending and will continue to in the long term. If you’re looking to add an upscale, on-trend design statement to your home, upgrading to black window frames is something you should seriously consider. Reach out to The Glass Shop to learn more about how to transform the look of your home, inside and out, with long-lasting, beautiful windows.