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El Paso Window Replacement, Window Installation and Window Repair
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Energy saving window installation in El Paso, Horizon City and Socorro

Let’s face it, energy bills are not getting any less expensive. In fact, can you remember the last time you were surprised by how low your energy bill was? It has probably been a long time. There are lots of ways to be more efficient with your energy. You can get a new heating or cooling system or perhaps even start relying on solar energy. However, when focusing on efficiency, the main aspect to consider is energy leaving or entering your El Paso, Horizon City and Socorro property. It doesn’t really matter how efficiently your systems are running if the property suffers from high heat transfer.

High heat transfer means that your El Paso, Horizon City and Socorro property is not keeping its cool or retaining its heat as well as it should. The consequence is that you are continuously expending electricity to keep it at the desired temperature. Having energy efficient windows installed will reduce heat transfer and save you money.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

There are many different styles of energy efficient windows to suit the individual tastes of homeowners. But what makes them energy efficient? There are essentially four aspects that create an energy efficient window.

Quality frame: You need a well-built frame made of a quality material to insulate around the glass.

Double pane or more: One pane of glass means that there is only one layer between yourself and the outside. Two or more layers create barriers of air (or gas) that greatly impede heat transfer.

Low E-glass: Specially coated glass that reflects infrared and ultraviolet light; protecting you from heat transfer and color fading, respectively.

Gas in between panes: Nontoxic gasses, such as argon or krypton, are pumped in between the panes of glass to create a heat transfer barrier.

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