The Different Types Of Window Repair

The Different Types of Window Repair

The Different Types Of Window Repair

There are many different types of window repair that you might need. Some of them are quite easy to do yourself while others require professional help from a residential glass service.


Single Pane

If your single-pane home window or auto glass is cracked or fogging up, you’ll want to get it replaced. Problems with broken panes can include drafts in winter and overheating in summer, as well as higher energy costs. A damaged pane can be a simple fix, but it’s important to get the measurements right before ordering a new piece of glass. You’ll need to record the height, width, and opening of your window and subtract 1/8 inch from each to ensure that you get a replacement that’s a good fit.

Double Pane

A double-pane window is made from two glass panes joined together. They offer energy efficiency by slowing the transfer of heat in the winter and rejecting it during the summer. But when one of the panes breaks or cracks, air can leak through more easily. This can dramatically decrease the windows’ r-value (energy efficiency) and put more stress on your home’s heating and cooling system. To prevent this from happening, a professional can repair the double pane by drilling tiny holes to expel moisture between the glass panes. After that, they will spray an anti-fog solution and add vents to let the dry air escape.

Triple Pane

A great choice for those in cold climates, triple-pane windows offer energy efficiency and insulation. They also provide sound reduction and prevent condensation from forming on window glass. Triple-pane windows use three panes of glass, some with insulating air or gas between them. These are more expensive than single or double-pane windows, but they’re worth it if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

They can be installed professionally or done by the homeowner on their own. The installation cost depends on the number of windows and the type of frame you choose. First-floor wholesale windows are typically the cheapest to install. Upper stories require more work and take longer to install, so the cost can be higher.

Sash Replacement

Window sashes are the part of a window that holds the framework and glass in place. They also provide power to the whole window. Sashes are available in a variety of styles including double-hung windows, casements, and sliding patio doors. Each sash has unique components such as a sash cord, pulley, rails, wagtails, and counterweight.

When a sash starts to fail, it might let water or air in and make it difficult to open or close. This is a sign that you should consider window sash replacement. When replacing an old wood window sash, you’ll need to disassemble the existing sash and remove any hardware. After that, you’ll need to apply glazing compound around the inside and outside of the panes. This will help secure the new sash in place and keep the glass from shifting during installation.

Frame Replacement

Window frames can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or composite materials. Each frame material requires different maintenance and repair options, based on their strength and durability. Costs vary greatly, however, and it’s best to consult a local professional for the most accurate estimate. The cost to repair a frame can be as low as $150, while full replacement tops out at $1,000. Fixing issues with a frame will keep your unit in good shape and save you money in the long run. Common repairs include sash meshing, broken frames, and nail fins. Contact us for help today!