Should I Paint or Replace My Windows?


Many homeowners tend to overlook window maintenance unless some real, obvious damage has been done to them. It could be because something broke into it (like a waylaid ball) or a big hurricane wreaked havoc in your area.

When these situations arise, it’s best to resolve them as soon as possible. The window, after all, is a very important feature of your house. From protection against outdoor elements and unwanted guests to keeping the indoors well-insulated, it’s certainly to your advantage to have that window taken care of. 

The question now is: What is the best way to do it? Should you jump to replacing windows instantly, or could painting window frames be the better, cost-efficient fix?

When To Repaint Your Windows 


The first thing you should know about repainting your windows is that it’s a cosmetic solution. So unless you simply want to refresh and upgrade the look of your windows, it’s not necessarily the best solution for any structural damages.

However, if the case involves minor defects like chipped paint, stains, or even unsightly scratches from your pet wanting to catch the squirrel outside, then painting would be a great solution.

Another instance wherein repainting could come in handy is when you want to preserve the original and historical architecture of the building. In this case, replacing the window might negatively impact the appeal of the old structure, so it might be better off getting a paint touch-up instead.

When To Replace Your Windows

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to replace your windows. The question is really more on the timing of the replacement.

One of the more important reasons to replace your windows is to improve the insulation. You might be wondering how come your energy bill has been on the incline despite not doing anything additional or extraordinary with your consumption. 

This could be because of poor window insulation. During colder months, when your window is unable to keep the cold temperature out efficiently, it is also unable to maintain the warmth trapped indoors. In hotter months, the reverse happens. The warm outdoor air seeps inside, easily diffusing whatever cool air your AC unit is supposed to be generating.

This imbalance forces your heater to work double-time to heat the room as soon as possible. A window replacement becomes necessary so that you can get double or triple-pane windows to keep out outdoor air and sound more efficiently.

A windows replacement project is also ideal if you want to upgrade your home security system. Smart home systems work better with more modern window designs, so if yours are a bit older, it might not be as effective. 

Of course, if there’s any obvious structural damage, like broken frames, rotten wood, and others, it’s best to replace it too. 

Keep in mind that window replacement requires professional work, so reach out to your trusted window replacement service provider. It’s going to be much more cost-efficient than doing a hit-or-miss DIY.