How To Prepare Your Home for Window Glass Replacement

Are you preparing for a window replacement? Now that you have a scheduled date for your new window installation, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that your home is prepared. Typically, this job can be completed in less than a day. Continue reading to learn about some efficient ways to make the process easier for the installer.

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Tips To Prepare Your Home for Window Replacement

Here are some ways that you can prepare for window replacement.

Clear Cutter

Prior to installation, you want to make sure that you clear the walkway and area surrounding your windows. Your installer will need at least two feet in front of each window to properly complete their work. If you have bow or bay windows, more space is needed. The best thing to do is make sure that you communicate with your installer prior to your appointment so you can discuss how much access they’ll need.

Don’t forget that they will be hauling heavy equipment to your home. To prevent the risk of injuries, clear clutter. Make sure you don’t have any shrubs or plants blocking access to your windows.

Take Down Wall Hangings

Besides just clearing your walkway and ensuring it is clear of clutter, you need to remove your wall hangings and décor. This will prevent them from becoming damaged. During the installation process, some vibrations are typical in the walls. This is why it is wise to remove anything hanging on your walls to prevent them from falling and breaking.

Deactivate Alarm

If you have an alarm, be sure to deactivate it if it is attached to your doors or windows being replaced. This will help you prevent an inaccurate alarm call from your home security company. Before the installation date, schedule a time for your home security company to deactivate your alarm system. Additionally, you should schedule to have them come back to reactivate it.

Put Away Paperwork

Your windows will be completely removed for a certain period of time during the installation process. It is wise to put away personal items, such as essential documents, that may blow around from the wind gusts.

Keep a Distance

Your window installer will be using heavy equipment and ladders that could risk the safety of your children and yourself. Be sure to keep a distance from your installer and keep children away. The same applies to pets. Some pets are curious and may wander near the working area.