How Much Would It Cost To Replace Window Glass?

Glass Window

When pondering if window glass replacement is the right choice, you may ask yourself: Is it expensive to replace a glass window? This question depends on various factors. To be understandable, the following will be a breakdown of the essential variables to consider for your total glass window replacement cost. 

Price by Size

There are two different size variables to consider for glass window replacement. First, you need to consider the size of the actual window glass by multiplying the width and the height. This size can vary. With this variation considered, some common measurements include 24”x36”, 24”x54”, and 46”x54”. The average cost for a 24”x36” glass window is $130 to $180. A range from $200 to $285 is the cost for a 24”x54” glass window. A 46”x54” glass window typically costs $650 to $810. 

Second, you need to consider the exact thickness of the window glass. Both factors will determine a portion of the cost of replacing window glass. Typical ranges in width are ⅛ of an inch to 1 inch. The width price varies based on the size measurements. 

Price by Window Type 

The window type for your replacement will determine a portion of your total. The differences in window type partly depend on the number of panes included and the style. Three of the most common window types that homeowners choose include storm, casement, and bay windows. The average cost for a storm window type is $100 to $400. Casement windows have more leeway and can cost from $150 to $1,190. Lastly, bay windows will amount to a total of between $700 to $1,800. 

Price by Brand Choice 

If you are in the market for new window glass, you will soon find that there seem to be endless brand choices. All of these brands have their own average price ranges. The brand you choose to use for your project depends on the quality and structure you desire. The most popular window glass brands include Pella, Harvey, Anderson, Milgard, and Simonton. The average cost for a Pella brand glass window is $200 to $290. Harvey brand windows, similar to Pella, have an average cost of $250 to $300. Anderson and Milgard brand windows are in the upper price range. Anderson ranges from $400 to $600, and Milgard ranges from $300 to $600. Lastly, Simonton seems to be the median option with an average cost of $250 to$400. 

Consider Labor Costs

The last essential factor is labor costs. This total will depend on your location, the business you use, and the amount of work. With this possibility of variation considered, the average cost for labor for a glass window replacement is $50 to $125! It is vital to consider this cost before starting your window glass project. 

In conclusion, glass window replacement cost depends on different variables. If you are asking is it expensive to replace a glass window, hopefully, this explanation was helpful and gave a greater sense of direction on how to move forward.