What’s the Difference Between a Licensed Window Contractor and an Unlicensed Window Contractor?

When it comes to doing any modification or changes to your home, it is always best to find a contractor you can trust and that can actually complete the jobs you have on hand. There are both licensed and unlicensed contractors and knowing which is going to work best for you is a must. Both can do the job, but which is preferable?

What Is a Contractor License?

A contractor’s license is a certification that states that you meet the minimum criteria for that qualification in the state you have your license in. Not all states require a license to be able to do the work, but having a license does make a big difference for some people looking to hire a professional.

If you do have a license, you will be required to be bonded and insured to help keep up the license. The license has a specific number associated with you and your business and no one else. You can still do work if you do not have a license, but for many people, a license does make a difference.

Difference Between Licensed and Unlicensed Contractors

A licensed contractor is someone who is also bonded and insured and has a license number that you can look up and check. This license number will be associated with the jobs they have done and any complaints that have been filed against them.

In many states, you do not have to have a general contractor license to be able to do the work. Only some types of contracting require a license. Fields like HVAC, electrical and plumbing do require that the contractor have a license. If someone is licensed, they are going to have insurance, so if the job is not done correctly or they damage some other part of your home, you can go to their insurance to get the damages.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Contractor?

A licensed contractor is going to have insurance, be dependable, and have that license number that you can check. Though an unlicensed contractor might be great, you have no official record of what they have done, and you are not always going to have insurance to go back on if something goes wrong.

Licensed contractors have to keep their licenses up, so they ensure that they are doing a great job on every project.