Most Popular Window Styles

Windows are a huge part of any home and making sure that you have the right windows for your house and your style preference is a must. There are tons of great window styles out there, but we want to talk about some of the most popular. Here are some of the most popular styles if you are thinking about new windows.

Single Hung

We have all heard of double-hung windows, they are the type of window that is many homes. Both panes move and can be opened in one way or other. This is a popular style because it offers you the ability to clean the windows from both sides, it allows you to open the window either on the top or bottom, and it allows you to have a bit more freedom. This is a great part of the latest trends in windows.

Single-hung windows are a window with a pane on top that does not move and is fully fixed, while the bottom pane moves up and down. This type of window is simple, elegant, and perfect if you want to get a window that is going to look great and provide energy savings.

Casement Windows

This is another beautiful option. These windows are made with a casement or a single piece of glass that cranks open on the sides rather than a pane moving up and down. This offers the chance for your room to get air and to be comfortable, while not opening the window fully. This also offers a bit more freedom in terms of the overall design of the window.

With a casement, you can have fun designs and geometric features that help make the window look great and help you open the window. These are some of the best popular window designs.

Picture Windows

Still another option that makes quite the statement is a picture window. Picture windows are large windows that help showcase your home’s view. These are great for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more and help make the most of the view you have.

This is an outstanding option if you want a large window that will open. It will also make the room seem bigger and showcase the beautiful outdoors. Picture windows are often best used for common spaces as they make such a statement and help showcase so much.

No matter what window you decide to use, it is always a good idea to speak with a builder to see what options you have. Taking the time to talk with a builder can help you determine what type of window is going to work best in your home.