Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Is it time to replace my windows? You may not want to admit it, but there can be several tell-tale signs that your windows are on their last leg. Windows add a lot of efficiency and value to your home, so replacing them is often the best choice. However, it’s hard to tell whether you need a repair or a total replacement. Here’s how to know if you need to replace your windows. 

How Can I Tell If It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

1. Drafty Room. You’ll often feel like your room is not entirely sealed off when windows need to be replaced. Air can leak through quickly, and you’ll get blasts of cool air. If you have tried caulking and weatherstripping with no changes, it might be time to replace them.

2. Foggy Glass. Foggy glass usually means there is a leak. It’s noticeable if you have double or triple-pane windows and the condensation wedges between the panes. However, the window may still be salvageable if the frame is in good shape. 

3. High Energy Bills. Older windows are not energy efficient, and they can allow a lot of hot and cold air to escape. When air escapes, your HVAC system has to work a lot harder, and causes your electric bills to skyrocket. It’s more noticeable in peak times of the year when your systems have to work even more challenging. 

4. Malfunctioning Windows. If your windows don’t open or close, it could be from a shifting foundation or frame deteriorating. Windows will often need replacing to get them back to full functionality. 

5. Soft Window Frames. Most older windows are wood, and moisture can cause them to rot. If the window frame feels soft, you’ll need to replace your frames and windows shortly. 

6. Leaking Water. Any water coming through your windows is never a good sign. Water damage is costly, and it can cause a lot of other problems in your home.

7. Aesthetics. Old windows and frames can make your home look old and tired. A fresh update will help your house appear more modern and elegant. 

Deciding to replace all of your windows at once is more cost-effective. It will also create more cohesiveness and increase the value of your home. Pay attention to these signs, and speak to a professional window company to get an opinion.