How Windshield Glass Is Different Than Regular Glass

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the windshield. A windshield provides you with valuable protection from road debris, insects, weather, and other hazards on the road. With the help of wipers and washer fluid, it can also help ensure you have good visibility. One concern people may have with windshields is that they are made of glass, which brings a risk of shattering. However, it is important to remember that windshield glass from a glass company is not the same as regular glass. For those that are wondering how do windshields and regular glass differ, there are various differences to understand.

Glass Is Made of Different Materials

One of the largest differences between windshield glass and standard glass is that it is made of different materials. While it is made of many of the same materials, it includes different compositions of culet, limestone, and different types of ash. These materials are not typically found in the same abundance in standard glass and can help to make the glass more durable. This also reduces the melting point of the glass, which makes it easier to mold to perfectly fit into the frame of a car.

Reduced Shatter Risk

For those wondering what is the difference between auto glass and regular glass, the way that it shatters is also a big difference. If a standard window or glass is broken, it can shatter into various sized pieces including large chunks and small parts that are hard to see. Windshield glass is designed differently as it is less likely to shatter. If it does shatter, it is designed to shatter into much smaller pieces, reducing the risk of significant trauma from being hit by one large part.

Multiple Layers

When wondering is windshield glass different than home or multi-family unit glass, you should also be aware that windshields typically are made of two small panes. While double-paned glass is more common today in home windows, it is standard with windshields. Generally, a windshield is made of two different sheets of glass that are then fused. This provides additional protection and support, particularly when compared to single-paned glass.

The Difference in Maintenance and Replacement

You should also be aware that there are differences in maintaining and replacing windshield glass. Windshield glass can crack and chip and is often salvageable with various maintenance and repairs. When you need to have it replaced, it is important to get a windshield specific to your vehicle. This differs from standard windows and glass that are less durable but can be more uniform if you need a full replacement for one window in your home.

One concern that some motorists will have is that their windshield may not be durable and could shatter. It is important to remember that windshields are quite durable and made of different materials and processes than standard glass. There are various differences, in particular, that should be understood. Contact us if you need assistance!