4 Popular Misconceptions About Solar Energy

The utility-scale solar and wind energy are expected to hit a new record this 2022, according to a new report by S & P Global Market Intelligence. They expect that over 44 gigawatts of solar will go online this year, almost doubling 2021 projected 23 gigawatts. That means Americans are embracing solar energy as an alternative source of energy. If you are part of the statistics looking to install a solar panel on your roof, the chances are that you have come across lots of misinformation surrounding solar energy. This article will discuss some solar power myths and help you learn the facts on solar power to help you make informed decisions.

1. Solar Panels Can Only Work Where There is Sun

Most people assume that the sunnier the weather is, the more electricity their solar panels will generate. This is not true. Solar panels are designed to collect sunlight and convert it to electricity, not heat. In fact, heat interferes with the conversion of light to electricity. That means solar panels can work well in slightly cold and sunny climates. During winter, your panels will still generate power if the days are not too short or too cloudy. If you live in a reasonably warm area that doesn’t experience harsh winter weather, you can rest assured that you will have power throughout the year.

2. Solar Panel Installation Is Difficult and Expensive

Of course, DIY solar panel installation is not the most straightforward project you want to take on, as it involves lots of research, preparation, and effort. However, you don’t have to go that route. Instead, consider hiring experts to worry about the installation process for you. Professionals also lower the chances of costly mistakes. Many people skip installing solar due to the mere assumption that it is expensive. However, solar energy is becoming increasingly competitive, and that’s why many people are installing it in large numbers.

3. Solar Panels Will Damage My Roof

On the contrary, solar panels protect and preserve your roof. Remember, the panels are not directly attached to the roof but mounted onto it. When you hire a professional, they’re likely to use the manufacturer guidelines to avoid any damage during installation or after. Additionally, if your roof has a warranty, it can cover the damage. However, it’s important to inquire and confirm this information before installation.

4. Solar Power Is Only for Those Who Own Homes

It’s easy to brush off the thought of solar energy when you live in a rented home or apartment. However, you can take advantage of community solar programs in your area. These programs allow several people to benefit from shared solar energy in the form of arrays. The arrays can be installed off-site or on the apartment roof. The installation and purchase cost is divided among participants, and everyone is allowed to use solar energy based on their needs and budget.

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