Ways to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

Winter temperatures can easily cause high energy bills and an uncomfortably cold home. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by properly winterizing your windows. Properly winterizing your windows will help keep warm air in and cool air out, meaning your heater won’t have to work as hard.

Wondering what to do to make your windows ready for winter? Below, we cover many great ways to prepare your windows for winter:

  • Insulate your windows: One of the best ways to prepare your windows for winter is by insulating your windows with either spray foam insulation or batt insulation. Applying the insulation to your windows will help cover up any openings allowing in cold air. Use a light touch with insulation, and avoid overstuffing the area.
  • Give them an inspection: If your home isn’t warming up as it should, there could be cracks or chips in your windows. Check all the windows in your home for damages, and replace the glass if necessary. Don’t put off replacing broken glass, as the longer you wait, the higher your energy bills will increase.
  • Caulk the sides and bottom of your windows: Apply a top-quality caulk to your windows to seal any gaps. Good caulk is usually inexpensive and can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. Consider applying caulks to any gaps in your doorways as well.
  • Consider storm windows: When asking what to do to make your windows ready for winter, many people don’t realize storm windows are a great option. Not only are these windows more durable against extreme weather, but they also help prevent drafts from entering your home. Top-quality storm windows are always worth the price of installation.
  • Cover your basement windows: If you don’t spend much time in your basement, consider covering the windows to increase energy efficiency. Covering basement windows helps prevent drafts and the escape of heat. Some basement windows also feature exterior wells, which you should consider capping during the winter months.
  • Purchase a window-insulator kit: Available at many home supply stores, window-insulator kits feature everything one would need to seal gaps in their windows. These kits can range in price, though most don’t exceed $10. Just be sure to check reviews before making a purchase. You don’t want to waste money on a kit that doesn’t work as advertised.

Invest in top-quality glass

Still wondering what to do to make your windows ready for winter? One of the best ways to prepare your entire home for winter is by investing in top-quality windows. Most windows last around two decades when properly cared for. If your windows are nearing this age, consider changing them.

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